Moves like Jagger

8 Feb

Monday was my first skiing lesson………….. Long have I had visions of gracing the ski field, deftly moving along the slopes….woosh! This was after watching Cool Runnings which has nothing to do with skiing but the mind is a beautiful thing………………Much like Adam wishes he could move like Jagger, I wished I could be graceful on the slopes.

So I signed up for four skiing lessons that guaranteed you would learn by the end of it all…what they should have done is had a disclaimer for those with no sense of balance and afraid of heights! I know that I am not old at all but it really did, yet again, remind me of my age. In all honesty the whole thing was rather an ordeal! Putting the skies on wasn’t an issue, it was the balance when the tendency to slip and slide kicked in that got me. The sheer terror that gripped me when gravity took hold and I felt I was losing control. And then I looked at the slope and I was terrified of sliding down, at best it could be described as a giant speed bump! Certainly nothing to be cowered at, yet there I was…………….

This is a ladies only class. There were 5 of us : beginners, though I was in all honesty, the only ‘true beginner’. All four of them were taking the class for their own fun and prompted by the fact that their kids are learning so if they want to take part in family activities, without looking on on the sidelines, then they need to learn. A noble idea, one I keep telling myself I will action once I am more serious about having my own kids: I will learn how to swim and ride a bike…I will, I promise.

So anyway we are on the slopes, it’s a beautiful night, the city is brightly twinkling below us, there’s not a cloud in the sky, its picture perfect to be honest. Our instructor, bless her , is so patient, especially with me, she is barely out of her teens I’d imagine but boy is she skillful on those skies……..There are soo many kids around… woosh! They swish past you , increasing your own terror. They are in total oblivion to your fear that they’ll crash into you, unaware that you are now firmly planted on the spot of stability, at the brink of sliding and praying your abs can hold you long enough to think what on earth to do next! A slightly constipated look on your face and stance in your legs! LOL! It’s funny now……not so funny at the time.

If I had done this twenty years ago I would like to think it’d be a different experience. Falling wouldn’t be such a fear, you fall as a kid you get up and do that same thing that just made you fall! You take to things soo much quicker, taking physical risks is not an issue. I have one friend who just said her son gets soo mad with her cause she won’t let him go on the big slopes! If he did fall and break something you know what? He’d be back up there before the plaster was dry if he could.

This said,  I was never a tree climber, I was a reader, a drawer, a tea-set connoisseur… who knows, maybe I might still have been gripped by a fear of the unknown, my cousin never learnt to swim because even as child large bodies of water paralysed her with fear……….In any case, youth is wasted on the young, despite what they do with it….it’s never enough
I do hope when I do have kids I have the courage to let them try it all, the fortitude to try it with them and the wisdom to encourage to keep going, despite the fall.


4 Responses to “Moves like Jagger”

  1. koolimut February 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Hello Kukura! Read your article above and couldn’t stop laughing! Don’t get me wrong here, it’s because I felt the same way a year ago when I got back to skiing again! Don’t give up! I started skiing when I was a child, but when I went back to the country of my origin (the Philippines), there were no chances of me strapping some sticks to my feet and swooshing down a hill! Then I moved to beautiful British Columbia and envied all the people heading up the snowy mountains every winter while I moped in my living room on the weekends. Last year I finally summoned enough courage to resume skiing and to my delight still found it as exciting as I remember it! Grant you, when you are past forty, the chances of injuring yourself silly is much greater and the fear of speed (which never existed before) can overwhelm you, but the desire to hit the slopes gracefully or not is greater! I hope you at least enjoyed the lessons if not for the gorgeous views the mountain has to offer!


    • tashata February 13, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

      LOL! Second lesson down the bunny hill today. I will see how I survive it!


      • koolimut February 13, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

        You will! Have fun!!


  2. Lucy Bundy February 17, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    So funny and so true. If I look back on my experiences, I was an adrenaline junkie.A child who took on the world. But now, I prefer to sit,read and enjoy a calmer lifestyle lol. Ok age has made me a little more sensitive you could say. No more skydives or tumbling down the slopes on a board or on my poor knees infact.

    But…….. When it comes to crunch time and this means when we do have kids, we must not give in to kids clubs!!! instead we will be strong, wear knee straps lol and go with the flow, no matter how sensitive we are getting with age lol we will be supermums!!! (I hope) lol

    Another enjoyable blog to read my friend.


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