Eco-friendly men: more than just T-shirts

19 Jun

So there seems to be a deficit in the eco-friendly menswear market. In effort to expand the African Sally range I thought I would look at growing two key markets: menswear and shoes. There are plenty of women’s clothes, babies do alright too. Speaking of which; I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a trendy baby store in Vancouver last weekend on the price of baby clothes in general. I was looking for a couple of presents for two boys. I don’t really know the parents so I had a low budget (two words that not synonymous with baby stores) . I went on to lament to her that the price of children’s clothes seemed unjustifiable and it seems that the industry take advantage of gullible first-time parents and dotting relatives and friends. The store own

er proceeded to tell inform me that it takes just as long to make a babies dress as it would an adult, something us laypeople apparently don’t appreciate. I was going to point out that the fabric and actual sewing should be a lot less but she was already hostile and as Sweet Brown would say: “ain’t nobody got time fo that!” Ain-t-Nobody-Got-Time-Fo-Dat-sweet-brown-31241125-480-330_medium

At any rate, I digress, back to eco-friendly menswear………. Most of what is available for men in the eco-space tends to be T-shirts, jandals or thongs (depending on which hemisphere you are from), bags/backpacks and other casual options. In a few cases some manufacturers of a ainable women’s range of clothing may add one or two men’s items for good measure. Nothing I would imagine any man himself would buy. It’s probably aimed at the female shopper, a consolation price for her significant other so she doesn’t feel so bad about spending all that money on herself…

There are few shoe manufacturers who have some very impressive options for men, they primarily specialize in men’s shoes and tend to come up with some very impressive designs, namely Zanacco and Gucci have a ‘Sustainable Soles’ range . Then we have the haute couture options, like eco-tuxes’ from Tom Ford a market that has more options but fewer clientele, at least non that I know personally….. That isn’t to say there aren’t people out there who would buy them, it’s just neither my target

Mens Vegan Brown Shoes

Mens Vegan Brown Shoes

market nor my personal price range.

So in my seemingly futile quest Twitter pointed me to a rather dapper range of men’s organic cotton formal and casual shirts that I am just in love with and I know a lot of you will love too!

I was particularly drawn to this line because like African Sally it was born out of lessons learnt from grandparents. “Grandparents are the footsteps to the future generations”…

On that note … may I present “Arthur & Henry”. Their shirts pay attention to detail, they fit beautifully and the fabric feels great. Visit our website and see there range, it might be that one shirt that quickly becomes a wardrobe basic…………..Pink Organic Shirt


What are your thoughts?

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