Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down at 4 am

20 Feb
Sleep Deprived Is the new norm

Sleep Deprived Is the new norm

I found myself at 4am, up for the 4th time to feed Malaika with this song stuck in my head : “Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down”… I certainly felt knocked down, she’s lucky she’s cute or this sort of behaviour wouldn’t stand… It brings me onto the subject of baby sleep and night feeding. I had many warnings about how difficult breast feeding was going to be and I ought to be prepared to formula feed. I was becoming quite anxious about but it turned out I didn’t have to worry at all. She latched well pretty much from day one and has been happily suckling away since, except in the last two weeks when even a pin drop is enough to distract her! She’s fickle that way. As a result she makes up for daytime distractions with night feasting whilst she’s dream-feeding; so her sleep is un-interrupted, lucky for some.

So my feeling from day one was feed her when she wants despite advice from the maternity ward nurses to feed her every three hours, wake her up if needs be (What happened to never wake a sleeping baby?) Au contraire to their advice I let her feed when she wants, sleep when she wants. Sleeping books recommend to not let babies have too long of a daytime nap, I tried to wake her once, it did not end well for me, she fussed and had the worst sleep that night ever! Lesson quickly learnt, my mother’s words reiterated: “She’s the boss”, that she is. I have 12 months of mat-leave so this is my job, I have no excuse. I get paid in smiles, squeals and giggles. Since Malaika Rudo is the boss, there are nights like this particular one when she goes to bed at 7 pm and wakes up every two hours to feed. Most of the time its every three hours, if I am lucky its four hours and on those mornings I wake up so refreshed I might as well be coming out of hibernation.

When she was about 3 weeks old she got what I felt was the worst case of indigestion/colic, call it whatever you will but she was squirming something fierce mostly at night. As soon as she lay on her back she would arch her back and cry. Sometimes she would squirm whilst feeding, it was a very distressing time for all involved. Karl does a lot of shift work which usually works out that a third of the time I go to bed alone anyway, so in an effort to help Malaika I did two things I shouldn’t: put her in bed with , one her side! The new age medics are frowning as I type but you do what you can to get by and this is what we did and it worked. This means night-time feeding is soo much easier, I just roll over and she feeds. Having said that of late, she doesn’t always feed, she may just want to self-soothe and suck her fingers in her sleep. If I attempt to feed her at this time I get brushed away in mild annoyance. When milk is required I get a slight summoning with her hand as if to say ‘you may now approach’, I will say again lucky she’s cute….


One Response to “Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down at 4 am”

  1. LensTHERAPY February 22, 2014 at 3:52 am #

    Tash. I love the way your blog convinces me how I should never have children….but like you said, she is cute!


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