Thank you Burt and your Bees

27 Feb
Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment

Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment

There are few things about newborn babies that no one tells you when you are ahh-ing and cooing over their own. They come out with perfect skin when they are born, but keeping it that way can be quite a challenge without proper guidance. We had three main problems:

  1. Cradle cap : the added complication of the afro and mum simply not knowing what to do with it ended up with the poor girl losing at least 2cms of her hairline. I eventually realised I had to pretty much soak it in oil, gently lift it off and comb it out (it got that bad…and smelly)
  2. Smelly neck : she was soo small her neck was wrinkled for weeks and I simply couldn’t get into the folds! Our newborn baby was smelly , how embarrassing, Google assured us we were not alone.
  3. Dry skin all over her body: the main subject of today’s tidbit, let me elaborate….

One of the adjustments Karl and I had to make when we moved to North America was getting used to effects of central heating to our skin. We were used to the humidity in New Zealand and we were not at all prepared for what happened when winter came. We were both breaking out in an all over body rash, always at the same time: burning and angry rashes that would render you sleepless for hours. After the third doctor’s visit at the walk-in clinic we finally met an African-American doctor who told us it was a form of eczema from the dry air indoors when the heating is on. So from then on we make sure we always have an open window, put on warmer clothes rather than walk around in a t-shirt in winter and always have the humidifier running in the winter.

Miss Malaika has not had such an easy adjustment. It’s a real blessing that she doesn’t actually seem to have developed eczema so far but the poor baby did for a few months suffer from dry skin that soon became leathery, dark and pimply. At first I was using olive oil, but her skin just seemed to soak it up as soon as I applied it. Then I tried coconut oil, this didn’t help and I found out that coconut oil is drying to the skin in winter. All this experimenting took a few weeks and her skin was getting worse and worse. I was very reluctant to use Vaseline because of the petroleum. Click here to read the Huffington Post Article on the evils of Vaseline. This was going against every fibre in my being and as Karl said we were all brought up on it and we are fine. Yes, but eco-friendly natural mum wants to things different for her angel… The ensuing hunt for an alternative lead me to Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment which is naturally, phthalate-paraben-petrochemical-free, all the effects and benefits of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly without the petroleum plus it makes her smell so good you just want to eat her up?!

Chubby little hands

Chubby little hands

It’s taken a couple of months but she finally has soft, sweet-smelling, supple baby skin. For whatever reason she’s also nearly two shades lighter, the only part is her hands and parts of her neck but they are well on their way to matching the rest of her.

Speaking of eating babies, I have a friend who is constantly threatening to eat her own and any others that she finds particularly adorable! This is not something that has afflicted me, despite having the cutest baby on the planet! Apparently science now has an explanation. “Scientists at the University of Montreal found that a newborn’s scent triggers the reward circuit in women’s brains, causing the release of dopamine and activating the same part of the brain that craves certain foods. The researchers found that women had the same feeling even when they were holding a baby who wasn’t their own!” (Source:


2 Responses to “Thank you Burt and your Bees”

  1. bundy28 March 1, 2014 at 4:01 am #

    I think I need this ointment for me with this Australian heat. My skin is so de-hydrated from working in the mines. Will stock up for me and our baby lol

    Thanks for the heads up. No Vaseline.


    • tashata March 1, 2014 at 10:43 am #

      There might be an equivalent in Aussie, the main thing you want to look for is something with beeswax as it locks in the moisture and of course all the good things like coconut oil, castor oil,shea butter, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba butter, olive oil, the list goes on….


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