One ring to rule them all. Except our ‘Precious’ is a 2.2′ infant!

12 Mar
Fooding time

Fooding time

When Malaika was born she had big feet, that is, big in proportion to the rest of her body. Her father said they were hobbit feet! They did seem like it, lucky enough they haven’t grown at the same rate as the rest of the body, that wouldn’t do for a little girl… A hobbit is between 2 and 4 feet tall. At last measure nearly 4 weeks ago she was 2.2″ (69.5 cm) , that makes her on the shorter side of hobbits but a hobbit nonetheless. J.R. Tolkien had a pretty freaky imagination to think up a whole world of people who are that size.

Last week our Precious realized that if things are not going the way she would like to, she can cry and the unsatisfactory situation stops. Previous attempts at displaying her dissatisfaction usually went ignored because all she did was make faces or try to unsuccessfully move away. So she ended up just complying, letting us have our way with her, happy with our mildly tempered baby. I would imagine the first couple of times it happened it was by mistake: I put her down, she cries, I pick her up. “Hmmm…” I try to wipe her face, she cries, I stop (now she’s thinking; “Hang on a minute, I might be on to something here, what just happened?! Lemme try that again”. Dad tries to change her diaper, she cries, he stops quickly picks her up, says he’s sorry and does everything in his power to keep her entertained enough to distract her from this terrible injustice! And so that’s how things were for the later half of last week. At one point she screamed so loudly during her bath I thought that her heart would pop out of the chest. It’s a hard life I tell you…. Being the typical first-time parents that we are, we don’t want her crying so we have spent those days preempting every potential weepy situation, it’s quite exhausting. It seems to have stopped for now, she’s probably just biding her time, waiting for an opportune moment when we are comfortable to hit us with it again. I do wonder what she has to cry over, she is never more than 10 steps from anyone. We live in an 800 square foot apartment, if we were 20 steps away from her she’ll be alone and we’d be by the elevator, an increasingly attractive option at certain times…

The last couple of weeks she has also become what I am calling a lazy drinker. I kid you not. Most of the time I have plenty of breast milk for her, as soon as she starts sucking it gushes out and nearly drowns her in the process. Lately, the weather has started to warm up and I don’t always get my water intake right and I am tired so sometimes there isn’t an abundance of milk and Miss Malaika will have to work a little harder to get her feed. On days like these she sucks a few times and waits for the let down, if its isn’t forthcoming, she sits up and finds something else to keep herself occupied for a while longer and waits (why would she have to work for her food..). If she’s particularly hungry she’ll squeeze at her udders willing them to produce! It took me a while to figure it out at first I thought she wasn’t hungry now I realize she’s going for the more strategic option. She also has curious feeding habit. If she’s on the right he likes to play with my mouth and chin with her free hand, if I move away she stops in annoyance and keeps reaching out. If she’s on the left, she inner yogi comes out again, she plays with her foot with her free hand and pulls it up to her chest and occasionally uses it to scratch her cheek! I think she would get into Cirque Du Soleil with no second audition! (pic attached, notice the carrots for lunch on the inside of her sleeve, yes, we started dabbling in solids)

However the most important and significant event of last week is that she learnt how to cuddle, put her little hands around your neck and hang on for dear life… She also now puts her hands up when she wants you to pick her up, that my dear friends makes up for all the weepy episodes on the planet…


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