Her gnashers are coming … I think

8 Apr
Gummy smile...

Gummy smile…

At three months old I could have sworn Malaika’s gnashers were coming. So I can see some of you thinking, ‘here we go again, that’s what you said last time’. At that stage she was drooling all the time, had a few weepy moments, her gums were changing shape and there were some white things that looked to be straining through her bottom gums. Then we went through a phase of three bib changes a day. Three months later we are still waiting.. The drooling had slowed down but it’s started up again. She’s furiously rubbing everything on her gums, she has teething rings but sometimes they fall out of her hands and it would take too long to pick these up again so she grabs whatever she can clutch to as quickly as possible. A couple of nights ago she was waking up crying something fierce, she was a little warm (no fever though) and just not her happy self. On said night she made it back into the now family bed, she was crying even as I was holding her, Tylenol seemingly had no effect. Hylands homeopathic teething tablets finally helped and everyone got a couple of hours sleep….

Now she has diaper rash! I thought cloth diapering would abate this but clearly not. A lot mothers say , babies can get diaper rash whilst teething. Randomly the lady at the Crabtree and Evelyn store at the mall a couple of weeks ago said to use her kids had that happen and I remembered it a couple of days ago when the rash appeared. Interestingly , as it seems to be case with a few pregnancy and baby related occurrences, medical professionals say it’s not the case and if you child has diaper rash or diarrhea whilst ‘teething’ then it is just happenstance and they are sick and should be taken to the doctor. However a good old Google search provides enough informal reports that infer otherwise. I also reached out to my Whatsapp ‘Boobies’ group and two out of three say their babies get diaper rash with teething.

The good thing is that her diaper rash most likely isn’t due to taking too long to change her diaper, chemicals (we use cloth with disposable inserts, alcohol-free etc wipes), allergies or an infection.Though I am not completely ruling any of those out. Breastfed babies are also less likely to get diaper rash but our little lion cub has rather enthusiastically started eating a surprising amount of solids twice a day (I think that’s why those two hourly night feeds were happening, poor baby was just hungry!). Whilst we are on the subject I added meat to the menu a couple of weeks ago and she loves it! Hence my emphasis on the lion cub, her father’s mutupo (totem) is the Lion so she’s holding true to her heritage..

So now poor Miss Malaika has a rather raw bottom that elicits a big cry whenever she has to poop and she is pooping sometimes 5 times a day, not diarrhea mind you just little ones but still pretty often. Lots of Burt’s Bees diaper cream and ointment are being used, lots of hand washing and diaper washing too. All combined with extra cuddles and kisses, it gets us through the day.

We are going to the doctor today since its not cleared and could lead to fungal or bacterial infection…hmmm there’s always something with these little ones…


One Response to “Her gnashers are coming … I think”

  1. Fortie April 8, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    Thanks Natasha . I am thoroughly enjoying these blogs . You are allowing us to participate in her growing up years . It feels like we r there with you .

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