Living in the moment

19 Apr
Favorite toy

Favorite toy

A dear friend with two kids recently said that with her second child she is worrying less and not looking for the next milestone, she’s living in the moment. I thought this was a good way to approach these early years with Malaika. It’s easy to get caught up in anxiously awaiting the obvious firsts and missing the little firsts that are just as important. You have obvious ones: rolling over, sitting up, crawling, teeth, eating solids etc. After the last post I was promptly cautioned not to look for her teeth or they won’t come out… too late for that one, might have to be saddled with a toothless toddler! Her father is always saying she’ll do things when she’s ready and she certainly will. I have to keep reminding myself that. There are less celebrated firsts and moments of awareness that I am finding priceless as we spend our days together.

We have a sound system that I tend to play music from during the day, it’s running off the apple TV so we have a slide show of pictures of friends, family and little people that she can relate to. A while ago instead of playing music from this in the morning I played it off another system, she was still asleep. When she woke up I brought her into the living area and she had a look of surprise that the music wasn’t coming from the usual area, she started to look around, peering behind the plant where the speaker was, trying to identify this new source of sound. I found it curious that she picked up on it straight away.

The days are lighter and there’s more sunshine now that its spring, we have streams of sunshine at various points throughout the day and one day she caught sight of her shadow! It startled her and of course was very annoyed that it kept moving, she kept reaching out and it kept moving… probably hoping to put it in her mouth as she does with everything else.

My mother has the greenest of fingers, I am not blessed with this gene, I can barely keep a good old elephant plant alive. I did love growing up with flowers in the house, in the garden, making flower arrangements, helping water the garden in the evenings. When I was a teenager this love of green faded and I remember my mother once informed me I didn’t need a visa to go down to the garden… LOL! Of late whenever we go to Stanley Park to watch rugby on Saturdays Malaika is always amazed at the trees and all their greenery. So I decided to add some greenery to our city living. If I can grow a baby in my tummy and she’s still breathing 7 months later surely I can manage some plants.. So now we have a Peace Lily in the living area plus some wall planters… All this greenery is keeping her amused, she can stare at them for ages, wanting to reach out and eat them of course. I had to move her high chair next to the plant the first day we got them because she kept twisting around to stare at them whilst she was eating. Incidentally the plants I have chosen: Peace Lily and Spider plant are not only easy to look after they also have air purifying properties, so there’s an added bonus. In time I might try some flowering plants, an African Violet in the bathroom would be nice, didn’t everyone have one growing up?l (1)

She’s realised (well I think she has) that people respond well when she smiles at them and lets out a little sound, so that’s what she does. A little people pleaser if I ever saw one. If someone pays attention to her and makes eye contact she smiles and lets out a sound… Now they think she can say ‘Hi’ and she can can talk at 6 months! Ha ha, I won’t be the one to correct them, my child’s a genius ….

Happy Easter every one, remember to stay in the moment …..


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