What’s in a name? Mummy or Mhamha. Daddy or Baba.

24 Apr
Play Gym

Play Gym

I have been thinking about what Malaika will end up calling us when she starts to speak. It’s interesting because when I speak to her in english I say “Mummy” and when I am speaking in Shona I say “Mhamha”.  I do seem to keep saying Baba in reference to her father which is curious, maybe he just doesn’t seem like a Daddy! After moving from Zimbabwe to New Zealand and then to Canada I feel like we really are scatterlings of Africa and have an innate need to stay connected to our motherland, more so now that Malaika will not be having an African childhood, well at least not for the foreseeable future. My goddaughter and her little brother used to call their mother who is from Kenya ‘Umi’, I don’t know if they still do but it sounds soo cool… ‘Umi’: a bad-ass mum! Don’t mess with Umi but it also sounds so loving and nurturing. In any case, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In any case I would imagine whichever way we prod her she’ll decide on her own which words she’ll use.

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. The crib conversion has gone quite well for the most part. She gets up once a night, after anywhere from 4 to 10 hours! Just depends how she’s feeling I think, full belly or not, the key looks to be tiring her out during the day. We took a road trip to Seattle on Monday for the day. Ended up being over 3 hours in the car in one direction, the wait at the border was about 30 minutes. She did very well for someone who rarely spends more than 20 minutes in the car. She had to be constantly entertained and attempted to remove her seat belt at some point! Shame, even I had had enough of the car. That night she slept for 11 hours straight! In Shona we say ‘Kakafenda’ (literally she fainted, passed out, out for the count…).Last week I caught a horrid tummy bug and she had a mild form of it. That turned her appetite down and she was a lot sleepier than usual during the day so at night she was up twice plus she wasn’t eating so the night feeding increased, then she was in bed with us a couple if times cause she was throwing up and I wanted to keep an eye on her but she transitioned back into the crib quite easily. Though when she did come to bed with us in the middle of the night no one slept because now she has two people to play with! Yay…..

Attempts at crawling are still ongoing.. yes I am still loving in the moment, not forcing it but its interesting to observe. She hasn’t quite figured out she can use her arms to move forward. So now she keeps rolling around until she reaches her destination. So far she can move her legs, lift her bum and then she’s stuck so she just stops, drops and rolls! It’s painful to watch but she’ll get there… I think she has little incentive to crawl, we are always soo close she doesn’t really have to go find anyone so she lays in wait watching you, knowing that eventually you’ll get be back within arms reach. As a result I have removed the play gym in the picture, she was always centred around it, now she moving around a lot more.

The next thing is starting to get used to a potty, we have one, we’ll start using it soon. Reason being we found a daycare for September (more on that next post) and she doesn’t potty train, I was hoping this would be my out, but no, it’s up to the parents! Oh the humanity…..I will keep you posted.


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