She’s discovered grass: another candidate for the mouth validation test…

2 May
Grass - a brave new world

Grass – a brave new world

The things we as adults take for granted. Wednesday was a beautiful spring day, a bit early for Vancouver but we’ll take it thank you very much! So we headed to the sea wall and I had a blanket so we could sit on the grass, in the shade with a hat and sunscreen (I can see the grandmothers forming the questions in their minds so I thought I would just preempt them). We had been there about 20 minutes and I was thinking we should pack up and head home soon as it was close to dinner time when Malaika noticed the grass and leapt out to reach out to it. That’s when the real fun started, she was pulling it out, looking at it in her hands, then she’d look at me as if to say why did you not show me this before?! Before long she’d leapt right off my lap and onto the grass, rolling around in absolute heaven, giggling to herself! All I could think was she’s gonna itch soo baaad….. LOL! But she didn’t. In Zim I remember not being able to spend 15 minutes on the grass without itching or being bitten by ants. Her aunt thinks its more the presence of insects that made us itch and not so much the grass itself, but a friend in San Francisco says her son loves the grass but itches like mad afterwards, who knows, its all a big botanical mystery… In the meantime we are thankful for the sunny days and the ability to wear shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts, well onesies in her case.

We may be headed for a wardrobe dilemma as the weather warms up. The 15th percentile is coming to bite us. She is mostly still wearing 3 to 6 month clothing. 6 to 12 month clothing that runs a little slim is good but if its generous them its too big for her. For pants she can wear 6 to 12 months because she’s moved to the next size up of cloth diapers so it makes her bum bigger so that’ll help but they’ll be too warm soon. So she may not get to wear all those lovely clothes that her kinfolk have so generously sent her. We might be able to layer it for autumn, we’ll see… For now she has three pairs of shorts, 4 dresses and a few t-shirts and onesies to get her through summer! Maybe she’ll have a growth spurt if she decides to re-start eating all those lovely organic veggies I slaved over a hot stove to boil, puree and freeze. She has only been eating rice cereal since her slight bout of the tummy bug.

So what’s on the agenda for summer you ask… Grass is a clear winner, might be too soon for the beach but her father intends to take her to the pool soon, something her non-swimming mother won’t be rushing to do. I know…I still haven’t learnt to swim, its embarrassing for a Peterhouse Girl who has lived by the sea for the last 13 years. Don’t even get me started on riding a bike ( I blame my mother for all of it! Ha ha! ) Maybe she’ll teach me all these things once she learns.. Her father also wants to take her to the White Caps soccer games too, it’s gonna be a great summer for sure… The best part is, visa-willing, all the grandparents will make it out too.

Here’s to summer, family and grass… Stay too blessed to be stressed my friends

Just the two of us

Just the two of us


2 Responses to “She’s discovered grass: another candidate for the mouth validation test…”

  1. Sasha May 2, 2014 at 1:45 pm #

    So sweet! I remember the first time my daughter discovered the wonder of grass. Being a mom really teaches us the beauty in the things so often taken for granted. Here’s to a summer of new wonders each day!! 🙂


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