I am not a baby whisperer, the level of communication has to increase

15 May
Summer dress fun

Summer dress fun

It’s been quite a week, Malaika was literally a little angel on Mother’s Day and then I guess I used my sweetness quota for the month. To be fair it’s not like she’s been endlessly crying and unhappy, she’s just been , well, unsettled. Fussy would be too strong a word, something’s up and neither one of us know what it is. Her sleeping has been a little restless, daytime naps are not as long as they usually are, at night she’s getting up twice. My only guess is it’s the heat. We have been consistently on double-digits all week. We have been promised it will be sunniest and driest summer Vancouver has seen in a while, we certainly hope so because Gogo (grandma) is coming, yay (insert happy dance here) and if it’s not consistently 20 degrees plus, in typical Zim fashion, she might request an extra duvet and socks! LOL!

I have been trying to dress her in clothes that are a lot cooler as well as not going out in the sun during peak heat hours but I guess it’s the warmest she ever been in her young life and she’s trying to adjust. Which brings me to the subject of water, I think I should at least give her some water to hydrate her, her pee has definitely yellowed but the doctor said she should get all her hydration from breast milk and food, what do you mother’s out there think? Water is life, I think she needs more life…

The other distinct advantage of warmer weather is summer dresses and outfits! One, they are cooler, two they are easier to put on, three they are prettier so she doesn’t keep getting mistaken for a boy! Full disclosure, I am not one for dressing her in pink, frilly clothes and much to my cousin-sister’s disgust she doesn’t have any bows or ribbons for her two inches of her unkempt afro. Her clothes are mostly red (or Fortune Red as the Chinese call it) , blue, grey, orange and green. There is the odd pink cardigan, sock and onesie but that’s all. Funny enough quite often I find we are dressed in the same colours, I guess I am drawn to the colours I wear myself.

Miss Malaika has also been increasingly frustrated by her lack of mobility, more so in the last couple of weeks because we have been going to the Open Gym and Free Play sessions at the Creekside and Yaletown Community Centres and she can see other babies either crawling or walking and I think she reckons this is something that would be good to do but she’s struggling to figure out how. Sometimes she rolls around until she gets to point B, other times she flays her bum in the air until she somehow gets there, other times she swivels on her tummy, sometimes she simply loses interest but most of the time this week, she bucks her legs and arms and cries! Argghhh, poor baby, she’ll figure it out eventually …


5 Responses to “I am not a baby whisperer, the level of communication has to increase”

  1. bundy28 May 16, 2014 at 12:20 pm #

    Yey so grandma is coming. You will love that timeout. I already give Lincoln warm water. It settles his belly. I know two other kiwi ladies that do too so it wouldn’t hurt.

    As for your nanny! Supernanny!!!! Yogasupernanny!!! Score!


    • tashata May 18, 2014 at 6:19 am #

      That’s exactly what I think. Our bodies are 90% water so it can’t hurt…


  2. Sasha May 22, 2014 at 11:53 am #

    Yeah, I LOVE summer clothes. You can finally show off all that adorable skin! My kids were the exact same way, being so frustrated when they were stuck in one position! Once she starts crawling watch for a completely different baby–the happiest baby around!


    • tashata May 22, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

      I know right. Everyone keeps saying don’t be in rush for her to crawl cause you’ll be more tired but it’ll be so much better for her! That’s the main thing ….


    • tashata May 22, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

      Can’t wait!


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