8 month sleep regression and the wonder weeks.

12 Jun
Curious Crawler

Curious Crawler

When you are preparing for a baby you read a myriad of things on all sorts of things that will most likely happen, based I guess on some kind of norms. For whatever reason certain things stick in your mind more than others. Might be based on previous observations of other babies or things you remember from your own childhood that you think will most likely afflict your own, in my case it was eczema. In any case you can’t remember it all unless perhaps you sit down and based on your due date put calendar reminders in your trusted smart phone, reminding you when certain things may or may not happen. But who does that, right?

‘Hindsight is a wonderful thing’ though I could really do with more foresight. 8 month sleep regression and the wonder weeks associated with it is something I found myself thinking, ‘I remember reading about that’, too little too late. Google was my reminder after I was yet again at my wit’s end due to lack of sleep. Malaika was essentially back to half hour naps during the day, waking up every four hours and a times being up for two hours in the middle of the night wide awake and playing. Lord have mercy indeed. By hook or by crook she was getting enough sleep, there was just too much crook and the rest of us weren’t so lucky. So apparently it’s all thanks to her little brain in development milestone overdrive. At this stage, she’s making great strides physically (learning to crawl and to pull up, she was tending more towards standing up than crawling) . She is also absorbing language like crazy, she’s waving and in babbling overdrive. To top it all off more teeth are pushing through. Add it all up, and you get more night waking and shorter naps, thank goodness she’s not cranky!

Matters came to a head on Sunday when she was up for four hours playing, happy as Larry not a care in the world! I had brought her into bed with me and I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Lest she fall off the bed I put her in the crib and said ‘Time to sleep’, sat in the dark and waited… She started to wail, a fake cry designed to generate as much noise as possible with zero emotion behind it. This went on for about 20 minutes and then she slept, out of exhaustion I would imagine. I said to myself it’s now or never and so began sleep training. The next night I fed her and put her down whilst she was still awake, she fake cried for a couple of minutes then she was quiet and fell asleep for 8 hours before she got up for a feed. Next night it was 10 hours, no crying. A couple more times and we’ll have ourselves a very welcome habit. She’s also back to sleeping well during the day, the other day she slept for a total of 5 hours, must be a growth spurt!

It would be total bliss if I too was sleeping as much, I am still getting up every four hours, wide awake for two! Arghh!!!! I will catch up soon enough. Benjamin Franklin said “They will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead”, am I dead yet……?


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