Lights, camera, action: She doesn’t know she’s not supposed to be great

25 Jun

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I am going to do my best to report back on some things.

First of all we didn’t win the blogging competition, the honor went to Tamara Goyette, click here to read her blog on Discovering Parenthood. I did however have a great night out that ended at the respectable hour of 10pm (I was shattered!). It was a fun evening of wine, chocolate, fashion and lots of laughs. I meant some amazing like-minded women and hope to keep in touch with some of them. Also got to do some shopping and generally let loose. Came home to Malaika sound asleep, took my time having my late dinner and watching a bit of telly, then she woke up! She must’ve smelt me!

Vancouver Top 30 Mom Bloggers Party

Vancouver Top 30 Mom Bloggers Party

Second report, GOGO IS HERE! Yay, to say that its been great is an understatement. Feeling very blessed and very happy the last few days. Malaika was a little cautious when she first met Gogo. She arrived at 7pm so by the time we got home from the airport, Malaika was really only open to boob and bed. But they did still have a special moment which cannot be captured nor described. All I can say is that it was heart-melting. By the next morning Malaika was already crying when Gogo was walking away! Now when she wakes at 7 in the morning, I take her into Gogo’s bedroom and they hang out for  a bit whilst I get some things done. Gogo can you stay… I could get used to this for sure. Pics to follow, watch this space…

The biggest news this week is that she was cast for a commercial! I know…. cool right?! It all happened rather suddenly last Thursday and its been crazy ever since. A few weeks ago I e-mailed Talent Agent Extraordinaire Pamela Wise and I had asked her about doing photography stuff for Malaika. She asked for pictures but hadn’t gotten round to it yet. Anyway she recommended Malaika to this agent who e-mailed me Thursday afternoon. The audition was that day and  just worked because it was between 4pm & 5pm, so after her afternoon nap. It was also lucky because it was actually a call back audition so she didn’t have to go through the hoops! She was cranky because I hadn’t fed her after she woke up and it took ages on the bus. There has been a shooting somewhere, traffic where the bus was coming from was bad, we waited a good 30 minutes then it was another 20 minutes to get there. Then the guy , Steve, who she was auditioning with took it upon himself to ‘introduce’ himself and get in her space, this did not go down well. She cried and it went downhill from there. Anyway, we had the audition and I was sure she’d bombed it! But she got the part! Funny…

So typical mother, I was worried about naps because they said it would be three days of shooting. My fears have been laid to rest. They called me on Saturday to find out her nap schedule, see how they can fit it into the filming. Turns out her  part needs to be shot at night so we are working through that too, she’s only needed once. They are very considerate of her sleeping, I guess we all know a tired baby is a cranky baby.We had a wardrobe session at the Shangri-La yesterday, she was a real star interacting with everyone, smiling, waving, squealing, they all loved her, she’s a real crowd pleaser… as soon we leave she starts to cry on the walk home, if we told the wardrobe people that’s what had happened they’d say we were lying she’s such a happy baby…hmmm.. The good thing is that she has a backup, yes you read correctly, they cast two babies, she’s the main one but just in case she’s having an off day, they have a spare, LOL! Anyway, it’s a Money Supermarket advert that will run in the UK and Ireland. She’ll be earning her keep before we know it! For now all her income will go into her College/University Fund.

I read an article in Essence magazine where they interviewed music legend Prince and he said one thing about kids is that they are ‘too young to not consider the fact that they can’t do something’, they don’t know they are not supposed to be great. I wish that for my angel and I hope it propels her to greatness.

Feet, hands, its all the same to her

Feet, hands, it’s all the same to her


One Response to “Lights, camera, action: She doesn’t know she’s not supposed to be great”

  1. vmudzamba June 25, 2014 at 1:04 pm #

    My neice is going to be FAMOUS! Yay!


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