Mom’s Basic Shortbread Dough

13 Dec

eating is the hard part

I like to think my mother was quite good at a lot of things. In saying that, I think she was really good at sorting and storing her recipe collection. I always remember a plastic green box, along with a fancier wooden box, sitting near the stove with index cards full of recipes. From Christmas punch to Yorkshire pudding, everything was there. Easily readable, and always straight forward. I don’t think I have the patience now a days or the necessary hand writing skills to make such elegant cards. Most of the cards are stained with baking fats, or smudges of chocolate, but a few were rewritten before she passed and left in a clean, glorious fashion. Just like this one.

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One Response to “Mom’s Basic Shortbread Dough”

  1. Fortie December 16, 2014 at 8:20 am #

    Hi Tash
    U forgot the liquid . We put some milk we will send photo of cookies once they are done


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