Choo choo is coming very soon….choo choo

26 Mar

IMG_2173This is currently one of the favourite songs, some I know, some she picks up from daycare, some clearly makes up herself. Singing through situations can sometimes be the only way to get things done without a big drama. Barney brings up various versions of “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, everybody do your share”, we keep the tune and change the words depending on what we need to get done: Eat up, Hurry Up, Sit up.. A really good one thanks to CEFA is “It’s time to put the toys away, toys away, toys away, it’s time to put the toys away, everybody” (sung to the tune of London Bridge is falling down)….It’s time for Missy go to sleep… it works for just about anything! Shiri yakanaka unoendepi (pretty bird where are you going) is a good one when we’re outside, soo many seagulls, crows and pigeons in Vancouver.

image5Toddler life continues to be exhausting, heartwarming, frustrating, joyous and exasperating all at the same time. She certainly knows how to play us and she relentlessly insists on forging her own path in everything that she does. It’ll be an interesting journey to help her put that gift to good use and help her manage it in her life.

“Missy don’t do that! It’s not funny ” (sad pouty face immediately followed by an irresistible smile) “Mama, it’s a little bit funny.. ” (two little fingers demonstrating just how little the funny is with her head tilted to the side) who can say no to that. In the mornings I get a hug, a giggle, a song and ‘I slept well Mama’ followed by tears of ‘I don’t wanna go pee pee, I don’t wanna wash face, I don’t wanna brush teeth, I don’t wanna go school…..’ and some mornings it’s ‘Mama, Missy brush teeth’, ‘No Missy do it, Missy change clothes’, ‘Yayyy let’s go to school!’

FullSizeRenderWe have fully embraced Valentine’s Day (we made cards pic attached), Easter (we decorated eggs and took part in an elaborate hunt) and Mama’s Birthday with all the stickers, crafts and minimal sweet treats (she still doesn’t really like sweet things, she loves fruit, eats a lot of it a day but artificial sweet doesn’t entice her much, she has been known to ask for rock salt and chew on a gram or two … weird… she’s not my kid when it comes to that…jus sayin.. I won’t be held responsible for the ensuing hypertension..

I do have to lodge a formal complaint. My birthday was completely hijacked cake and nearly hacked it to death! It was her birthday, her cake, her candles, her presents, her flowers, her cake again because the next time we ate it we had to do the whole candle charade all over again…. On a side note she only had one bite of the chocolate cake then she said ‘I don’t like it…’ I on the other hand in about 15 years didn’t even get to drink a Guiness, my honorary Irish passport is currently being revoked as we speak…


Looks like we found a babysitter. Nassima is from Bangladesh and has three grown boys, two in University. She is a lovely lady and Missy took to her as she would anyone who comes into her home and has time to let her show her everything and be at her beck and call. We hope to use Nassima for nights out, days mama needs to go for a mani-pedi, brunch or just some window shopping. She is the right age now and who knows she may even be able to get her to sleep at night and we can go out for a drink and dinner like we used to, when we were young…. ha ha ha!

Spring is barely hear and we’ve been to the beach twice already in half our winter gear….. I am not sure where this idea came from but she’s asking to go to the beach for months now. I keep saying it’s too cold we have to wait for the sun.. She really wants to make sand castles. Spring break came around, the weather was 1 degree away from 10 degrees and there was a few rays of sunshine so I gave in. She was so happy gathering her bucket and spade ready to make sand castles, though not so happy that she’d wear her rain boots, she does not like them at all! She had a great time and we didn’t completely freeze to death and if I recall we didn’t have any tantrums either, we did it twice in one week, it was a good week….

 “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection,

Not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”

-Martin Luther

Happy Easter Everyone



One Response to “Choo choo is coming very soon….choo choo”

  1. Whatsneunice June 25, 2016 at 2:35 pm #

    She’s at the beach – in winter with no gloves!!! She’s grown – my word! it was just like last year when you showed me a pic of an almost neonatal!! would love to see her. I am still promising Matteo I will take him to Vancouver.


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