Self care..

12 Nov

cbr For the record this post was started on Sept 15th at 3:24 am, 5 days before The Missy’s 4th birthday (she’s had a name upgrade) ….. For nearly two years now I have had a 21 day menstrual cycle and several cyclical hormonal oddities that so after nearly 10 days of apparent pre-period pains and breast tenderness that seemed to linger more than it was welcome on day 23 I thought it was a good idea to pee on a stick, much to Missy’s gleeful disgust (that is literally the best description of her reaction when I explained to her why she couldn’t play with the pink stick).

The day was August 24th 2017, it was Baba’s 40th birthday and needless to say this made this the BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER. He was just happy he was still shooting sharp shooters and Missy immediately wanted to know when the baby was going to come out and play with her and sleep with her because every night she makes it very clear that its not fair that she’s the only one who doesn’t get to sleep alone (possible future psychological shrink needing trauma..)

So being the Project Manager that I am I immediately started a plan to make sure this pregnancy was not as unbearable as the last one because my first reaction was ‘Oh bother…. 10 months of this…How did I forget this discomfort from last time…’ I started to look for an acupuncture closer to home since we’ve now moved offices and I am now literally 3 blocks away. Google helped me find Acubalance Wellness Centre, a questionnaire and 15 minute phone interview later we had an appointment in a week’s time. Leading up to appointment I started to notice that my cramps seemed to be related to digestion. My tummy moving with gas or otherwise seemed to bring relief.. I mentioned this to Christina  and she said my history of anti-biotic use pointed to perhaps a long standing intestinal imbalance that could be addressed by taking probiotics. This is where I get to blame someone else: my mother. I had my tonsils out at 4 and for years I seemed plagued by throat infections which almost always meant antibiotics and also there was a period there of constant women’s issues that also resulted in a myriad of antibiotics. In any case I was somewhat skeptical of this diagnosis until I consulted Dr Peter Motsi of Medicine Hat, Alberta (I kid you not, that what he goes by in rural Alberta where pronouncing Teu let alone Teurayi is apparently a challenge) who concurred.

On hindsight this might be why poor Missy was so colicky if her life in vitro started off so gassy. Also determined to eat as variety of food as possible instead of mostly peanut butter and jam sandwiches so maybe this baby will eat more than just bread for the first 2 years of its life….Forewarned is forearmed.

So this pregnancy I am all about self care…. taking care of me, I am determined to enjoy this pregnancy and not be railroaded by it. I have shifted my daily Yoga with Adriene to a pre-natal series, even signed up for the annual paid subscription thanks for my work fitness subsidy. Rest, relaxation and constant rehydration is the new mantra.

Short of landing twins  think I’m prepared to raise 2 kids in the diaspora (but that’s it) famous last words. Two friends with two kids have asked my a few times if I really wanna ruin a good thing and countless people have told me when you have 2 kids you think you’ll be twice as busy but really you’re 10 times as busy……

Let’s do this !! Although I do feel like America in the 45th Presidency and the devil you know may turn out to be addicted to fentanyl and the jazz man is on the payroll………

So people, consider yourselves served….. this may be the first of many blog posts or the last in 2 years, either way this is may be the first time you’ve heard this news but I don’t have the bandwidth for individual messages.. Self care



2 Responses to “Self care..”

  1. Olga Terera - Mashiri November 12, 2017 at 8:48 pm #

    Congrats and best wishes with this pregnancy ❤️


  2. bundy28 November 15, 2017 at 1:17 am #

    Fair enough my dear. We’re so looking forward to sharing the journey with you(well some lol)

    P.s Adriene visit our house too : )


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