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Armed Love (When “There’s No Vacation from Vocation”)

21 Jun

God In All Things

By Flickr user crimfants - Creative Commons License BY-SABy Flickr user crimfants – Creative Commons License BY-SA

Parenting a toddler is giving me a window into the daily realities of struggle when trying to accomplish even the most basic task. Some days, changing a diaper is like wrestling a very smelly baby alligator. One day I left my daughter around my unguarded laptop for a few minutes, only to return and find she’d ripped several keys off the keyboard. My husband and I now make a habit of checking the trash before we take it out, just in case our car keys “mysteriously” ended up there. If it’s time to stop playing with bubbles and go inside before Miriam decides she’s ready, her protests will reach a pitch that seems to make it physiologically impossible to remain calm. Some of these moments are comical, but many of them are just exasperating.

Several years ago, when I met my…

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Mom’s Basic Shortbread Dough

13 Dec

eating is the hard part

I like to think my mother was quite good at a lot of things. In saying that, I think she was really good at sorting and storing her recipe collection. I always remember a plastic green box, along with a fancier wooden box, sitting near the stove with index cards full of recipes. From Christmas punch to Yorkshire pudding, everything was there. Easily readable, and always straight forward. I don’t think I have the patience now a days or the necessary hand writing skills to make such elegant cards. Most of the cards are stained with baking fats, or smudges of chocolate, but a few were rewritten before she passed and left in a clean, glorious fashion. Just like this one.

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