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Malaika Fierce

20 Jan
Oh christmas tree

Oh christmas tree

Towards the end of last year Natasa was quite sick. For a month we juggled looking after Malaika as she couldn’t go to daycare. The other family found a place for their son in a group daycare so when Natasa was better Malaika went back to daycare on her own.

Natasa has a grandson Mateo who is about Malaika’s age. At least twice a week either they go over to Richmond to spend the day playing or he comes downtown with his mother. They’ve become great friends. Natasa says they play and interact in a way she doesn’t often kids that age do.

Yesterday they went to a playground. There were hardly any kids around which is good because they can have free reign of the place. After a little while an older boy came over to hang around. Mateo was playing with a ball. Malaika was a little ways away doing her own thing. The boy came over and took Mateo’s ball. Mateo didn’t resist. He didn’t kick & scream or attempt to get the ball back but he clearly wasn’t happy about it, he was a little sad as his grandma put it. Malaika came over , stood in front of the boy , took the ball back and have it to Mateo. And that ladies & gentlemen is what friends are for.

Wish I could have been there…. Considering Malaika is quite small for her age that’s pretty brave. I am soo proud of her.

Here’s wishing your New Year is brave, strong, courageous and in the spirit of friendship & standing up for what you believe in and those you love.

Have a blessed week

p.s. apparently we like cooking

What's cooking good looking

What’s cooking good looking



“People will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

18 Jun
Fun by the seawall

Fun by the seawall

Today we made our very first friend at the Roundhouse Community Centre playgroup.¬†In the last 8 months I have inadvertently come to realise that this quote is so true: “People will never forget how you made them feel.”. Malaika brings a smile, a laugh, a true emotion out of literally everyone she meets. There is something magical about babies, even the most staunch will eventually react to her gentle stare, gummy smile or awkward wave. She does it by instinct, its not calculated, its just her, she’s pure…

In the last couple of weeks when someone comes close to Malaika she reaches out to touch their face, hair or hands, I guess she’s saying ‘Hi’. As long as they don’t get too close or initiate the touching, in that case she clams and clings to whoever is holding her. Today we met Olivia and that was what Malaika did and Olivia responded almost immediately, both mums just melted, it was a kodak moment for sure. As mothers we clicked so we swapped numbers in the hope that we can get together outside of playgroup navigating around naps and daily chores.¬†Olivia is about three weeks younger than Malaika. She is half-Polish and half-Mexican. One of my first thoughts was imagine all the yummy food we will eat when they invite us for lunch or dinner! LOL! It’s the breastfeeding, I am ALWAYS hungry, its insane, I am a bottomless pit.

I apparently met my longest and dearest friend Nove when I was 2 years old. I don’t remember the initial encounter but I do remember walking across the road to go play with her and her brothers as the years went by. She’s like a sister to me, so much so that when I was growing up I always wished her mother was my mother. She was just soo much nicer and cooler than my own.

You just never know how long people you meet will be in your life, once in a while they stick around and your world is all the richer for it. Everyday I am so thankful, mindful, joyous that I can spend the early days with her at home. I am learning so much, I am loving so much, I am reveling in the miracle, God is indeed good. We always sing the song ‘If you’r happy and you know it clap your hands’, that pretty much sums it up.

On a side note she has two teeth, she’s pulling herself up to sit up, crawling, waving and in babbling and laughing overdrive. We thought we had more time but clearly we don’t and have been scrambling around to baby proof the apartment: sturdier bookcase, cabinet for the all the TV inputs, smaller sofas (anyone care to spring for a lottery ticket?!) We haven’t put away the TV remote, it’s still her favourite toy, we have taken the batteries out, she doesn’t know now but she’ll figure it out eventually.

She’s sleeping better too so I guess the wonder weeks are over for now… Gogo arrives tomorrow and we can hardly wait its going to be THE BEST SUMMER EVER!


(First part of post originally written Thursday 5th June)

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